Meet Wendy, an incredibly self-motivated individual who has also participated in some form of exercise or movement.  Following a terrible broken wrist, lengthy rehabilitation and constant anxiety around protecting her injury, Wendy ventured back to exercise and found Pilates was her safe place.  We congratulate Wendy on being awarded our Inna Spirit Member of the Month.  Not only in recognition of her bravery, commitment and perseverance to rehabilitation; Wendy achieved 1000 classes at Inna Essence this month!


What challenges or goals first brought you to Inna Essence?

I’ve done pilates on and off for over the past 20 years; it’s been a fairly constant form of exercise right through my adulthood.

Wendy recalls going to gyms when she was much younger, and she really enjoyed spin and aerobics classes.  She has always had a focus on regular exercise and movement. Her exercise preferences changed as she entered motherhood in her 20’s, and she found Pilates effective in re-establishing her core strength as a new mum.  

In 2008 Wendy suffered a fall and shattered her wrist; the impact of the fall leaving her specialists commenting the damage was almost as bad as a motorcycle accident.  “My confidence was really impacted by this injury.  I did a great deal of hand therapy, but the anxiety to protect my hand took a long time to subside.”

In an attempt to manage her anxiety when exercising, Wendy set up her own home gym and started collecting exercise DVD’s.  Wendy became a little bored with the DVD’s, so went in search for a studio where she could do Pilates in a group environment.


What is it about Pilates that motivates you? 

Wendy finds her visits to Inna Essence easy; not that the classes are simple.  She loves how it doesn’t feel like a ‘chore’ or another item on her to-do list to travel to the studio and participate in a class.

“I know I’ll leave the studio feeling better.  When I concentrate on the moves, my balance and coordination through choreographed exercises, I focus entirely on my technique and I always feel calm afterwards.”

Wendy really enjoys the convenience of our Livestream class options.  “I love the convenience of doing a class from home.  I can enjoy a sleep-in and do a Mat Pilates class in the comfort of my own home.”  Livestream classes at Inna Essence provide the ultimate convenience of no travel, no need to bring children to the studio, or even the opportunity to experience a class in your PJ’s before bed!

Reformer is Wendy’s first love; “ I find it can be almost meditative.”

How have our classes and services been helping you on your wellness journey?

“Inna Essence makes it easy for me to be consistent, and I’ve found my entire life that good health and fitness can only be maintained through a consistent approach.”

“Particularly with ageing, you don’t need to go like a bull at a gate with intense forms of exercise which you hate.  You can have an ‘off day’ and just go through the movements a little more gently.  The studio gives you the space to be yourself, and not conform to any expectations.”


What do you love most about the studio? 

“I love the feeling of the studio – everything is lovely.  The studio itself is beautiful, and it has a welcoming feeling, not intimidating at all.”


What was one unexpected benefit of joining Inna Essence?

Wendy describes the benefits of visiting Inna Essence; “It’s the calm sensation I feel when I leave after a class.  I don’t think I have ever experienced that before at other gyms.”

Our member of the month goes on to say that despite outdated opinions, Pilates as a primary form of exercise is absolutely enough for a person.  “It can be your main method of movement on your fitness journey – you’ll feel and see all the benefits and rewards exercise can offer through Pilates.”