To our Inna Essence members,


It is with a very heavy heart I write this letter. In life, there are always ups and downs and often we get the pleasure of acknowledging the many wonderful synchronicities life sends our way. However, when those synchronicities are hard and painful, we shy away from them – reject, repress them, trying to cope on our own.


Many of you know that I have been going through a very tough, long, drawn-out separation. It has turned into one of the toughest journeys of my life. I am, quite simply – broken. I think the perceptions society and social media puts out is one of being fine, living ease-fully, but it never captures the real version of a person’s life.


Whilst I still acknowledge the joys in my life and am incredibly grateful for them, I have not coped. I have sought solace in another state, support from close friends and family and undertaken regular professional help and am now (after trying so very hard not to) on medication. I am being raw and honest here, because I have no idea how many people out there are going through something similar and have felt isolated, ashamed (as I do now) to just tell their story, to share it honestly, unfiltered – especially when what you have to share are failures, hurts and sadness. This is my truth. It’s not pleasant to read, even harder to write, but at least it is honest.


I am simply unable to give to this business what is needed from me. In order to put Inna Essence first, I am now directing that time and energy required by the business, towards my own healing. This breaks my heart! Yoga has been my saviour throughout many of my rocky patches and to no longer be a part of Inna Essence is a heartbreaking but necessary step.


I simply love to give, I love to support and share, its truly what makes my soul light up – but right now I am searching for this for myself.  Tears burn my cheeks as I type this (but to be honest, tears burn my cheeks daily) as I feel like I have failed you all. I have a great deal of shame not being able to handle the difficulties sent my way and wish I had enough energy to meet what is required by the business. Again, I am just so sorry!


During my time at what was initially The Nourished Soul and then bloomed sweetly into Inna Essence, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and supporting all of our clients who have really, become friends. I am grateful to have had this time in my life and the opportunity to serve you all. To be of service has been my highest goal. Please accept my honesty and heartfelt love to you all and I send my love and well wishes for the 1st Anniversary party this Saturday night. I’m sure the night will be a wonderful celebration and I wish you all a fantastic evening.  Unfortunately I am unable to attend but I will be there in spirit. May you all have the space to flourish and truly find your inner essence.


With Gratitude,

Kimberley  xoxo

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