Meet Dimitar, a father of three children, originally from Bulgaria.  He emigrated to Australia when he was 13 years old with his family, and pursued his father’s profession as a Goldsmith.

Dimitar spends hours sitting, hunched over his desk designing and manufacturing jewellery.  It was the impact of his occupation on his posture and core strength that led him to try Pilates.  He diligently makes time for exercise, booking early morning Reformer classes to minimise the impact on his family and business commitments.

After only a few short months, Dimitar is a regular attendee, dedicated to improving his technique and motivated to improve his health and wellbeing for the long term.  Congratulations on being selected our Inna Spirit member of the month for June!


What challenges or goals brought you to Inna Essence?

“My main focus was to fix my posture; I work mainly sitting down, hunched over and slouching for many hours at a time.  I wanted to fix my posture, and build my core muscles to support my back.  I had heard a little about Pilates before, but I’d never practiced it much before.  It was always something I put off.”

Dimitar you might say was influenced (or inspired!) by his beautiful wife Lily.  Lily joined Inna Essence and shared with Dimitar the benefits she was feeling.  

“Once I committed to going (encouraged by my wife), I never looked back.  It also helps doing a class first thing in the morning before I get really busy with work.”

Dimitar designs and manufactures jewellery – he is busy designing engagement rings and working on incredibly fine details, so his occupation sees him hunched over his tools for many hours at a time.  

“Since starting at Inna Essence, I can feel an improvement in my strength already. I used to go to the physio every fortnight to get aligned, and I haven’t been back to the physio since starting classes at the studio.”

What is it about Pilates and Yoga that motivates you? How have our classes and services been helping you on your wellness journey?

Dimitar has been focusing on attending Reformer classes, as he finds the very early class times are really convenient around his work and family commitments.

When asked what his favourite class is, “I really like the Jumpboard Reformer; I like how it’s more intense, more physical and you get to work up a sweat – you feel like you’ve done more work during those 40 minute sessions.”

Dimitar feels motivated to attend regular Reformer classes because he is looked after by a dedicated instructor every time; it’s easy to follow their instructors and class plans, and there is no pressure to try and program your own workout.  

“In general, my health has had an overall improvement – I’m feeling positive, and happier.”


What do you love most about the studio? 

“The Inna Essence team are all extremely professional and willing to help.  Also the fact that the studio is open from 5am is so convenient as I own my own business, and need to exercise first thing in the morning. 


What was one unexpected benefit of joining Inna Essence?

“The change in my mood, and feeling generally more positive and happy.  I’ve achieved something new; I had only done Reformer once before, 6 years ago, and was feeling over time how my posture was changing due to my time sitting at work.  With Pilates, you work muscles that you don’t normally target with a regular workout.  The reformer seems to do it all in one class.”

Dimitar - Member of the Month June