Feeling a bit apprehensive about embarking on a new fitness and wellness journey?

You might be wondering if the class times will suit, whether the studio space is welcoming and will there be other people you can connect with?

You deserve to feel supported, listened to and encouraged.

At Inna Essence (located in Underwood, Brisbane), we want you to know that every experience is centred around you. To help you navigate the decision to start exercising, Andrea & Anna want to be with you, and guide you every step of the way.

Inna Essence

By booking a “Tour & Chat” you’ll meet the owners of Inna Essence, tour the studio, chat about all our different class types, trials and membership options. Andrea & Anna will help you book your first class, tell you what to bring, and give you all the advice and encouragement you need.

It is our greatest desire that you feel completely comfortable with your decision to join Inna Essence. We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms and provide the care and support you deserve.


A Pilates & Yoga studio where you are important, respected, encouraged and loved

At Inna Essence (located in Underwood, Brisbane), we are more than just a fitness studio; we are a tight-knit community that uplifts and encourages one another as we pursue our individual paths to wellness.

In our studio, you’ll find a space where you can move with purpose, strength, calm, and focus.  Reformer, Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre classes are offered every day of the week, individually programmed and taught by an encouraging, enthusiastic and exceptional instructor.

You will be recognised by name, you will be supported, your needs will be honoured, you will be challenged, you will exercise and move in a way that strengthens and nourishes your body and mind.

STOTT PILATES teacher training at Inna Essence Underwood

A Pilates and Yoga studio where there’s no pain, no force, and our team are your cheerleaders

Pilates at Inna Essence

60 classes every week; where you come as you are.  There is no judgement, only support and encouragement

STOTT PILATES education at Inna Essence Underwood

We are for people who are sick of punishing their bodies.  You might be tired of the diet and gym culture and you’re looking for mindfulness and intention

We want to care for you…

Group Classes
Studio 1 is a beautiful light-filled studio, featuring floor to ceiling windows, sheer curtains, and the most beautiful morning sunshine.  We have a gorgeous 9 metre long ballet barre, hand-crafted yoga table made from reclaimed timber, and custom-built shelves containing all our props for Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre classes.
Reformer Classes
Studio 2 is the home of our 10 Reformer machines.  Anna’s dad Ralph services and cleans them every week so they work perfectly for each class.  Each Reformer has its own box, maple pole and jumpboard so we can offer variety and modifications for every session.
Private & Duet Sessions
Private Pilates sessions are programmed specifically for you to meet your personal needs and goals.

Private sessions are ideal if you are transitioning from working with a Physiotherapist, if you have a niggle or a chronic condition.

Treatment Rooms
Down the hallway you will find three treatment rooms; these are the home for our resident Osteopath, Remedial Massage Therapist and Mental Health Counsellors.
Events, Workshops and Retreats
We are passionate about education, wellness and community.  Inna Essence offers regular Beginner Workshops, specialty events and indulgent Retreats.



We are located on Level 1 of the SouthCity Building, 3245 Logan Road, Underwood.

Enter the building via the automatic sliding glass doors through the Mi Casa Café on the Logan Road side, or via the doors on the McDonalds side of the building.  Either walk up the internal stairs or take the lift up to the first floor.  Inna Essence is located at the end of the hallway.


It is our deepest desire that our members and visitors feel that our classes, instructors and studio create significant change and positivity within their life. That every class is meaningful, thoughtful, challenging and lovingly delivered.


We offer Reformer, Mat Pilates, Yoga and Barre classes every day of the week.  Starting from very early in the morning if you like to start your day off with a session before work, right through to mid-morning and afternoon and evening classes.

Andrea & Anna, Co-Founders

Anna and Andrea are mums, business partners and best friends. They met in 2017 through a shared love of Pilates, and only a few months later, knew that they were soul sisters. Both Andrea and Anna had a dream of creating their own studio where Pilates, Yoga and wellness could come together; where all visitors feel like family.

Designed with their members in mind, the studio has a dedicated Pilates Reformer room with 10 machines, as well as a beautiful light-filled Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre room that will host up to 15 members per class.

Additionally, to provide a fully holistic support network, Inna Essence offers three treatment rooms where their resident Osteopath, Remedial Massage Therapist and Mental Health Counsellors practice from, as well as Private Pilates sessions for rehab and technique improvement.

Inna Essence offers over 60 classes each week, open 7 days, with classes including Reformer, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Dance Barre, Strength & Flow sessions and Mums & Bubs classes.

Andrea and Anna from Inna Essence

Start something wonderful…

Always bring with you a bottle of water, a smile and an open heart.  For Reformer classes, bring a pair of grippy socks and a large towel to place over the carriage.  For Mat Pilates, Barre and Yoga, please bring a yoga mat with you if you have one.

For Yin Yoga Restorative and Yoga Nidra, please bring two large towels and a jumper in case you get chilly during Savasana.

We recommend comfortable gym clothing like tights, singlet or shirt.  You don’t need shoes (except for Dance Barre if that is your preference) and grip socks are essential for all Reformer classes.


We highly recommend the following classes to ease you in:

  • Intro Reformer
  • Mat Pilates
  • Barre or Dance Barre
  • Gentle Flow, Yin, Rise & Shine, VinYin and Restorative Yoga


Interested but have more questions?

Please call Andrea and Anna on 0468 446 444 or email hello@innaessence.com