Meet Sandra – our Inna Spirit member of the month for May.  Sandra is a mother of three, loves gardening and cooking, and has battled cancer 6 separate times over the last ten years.

Her cancer battle started in October 2012 when she found out she had Ovarian Cancer.  Within three days of her diagnosis Sandra had a full radical hysterectomy, followed by six months of chemotherapy.  18 months later, cancer returned in pelvis – this saw another operation and radium therapy.

Her third bout of cancer reared its head another 18 months later, this time on the other side of her pelvis.  Sandra endured another operation and chemotherapy.  Since then, Sandra has had cancer on her spleen another three times.  Sandra says “Once I find out I have cancer, I want to get in, get it done, and then get on with life.” 

“You find strength, you think about life, your family and you keep going, you get on with it.”

Our entire team at Inna Essence are in awe of you Sandra; your positive mindset, your kindness, strength and motivation.    

When and why did you join Inna Essence?

I joined full time in August last year.  Why, just to get back into working on my core strength after all the surgeries I’ve had.  And for fun and getting together with other people – the company is such a huge part of it.  Monday and Wednesday mornings, you see the same people, and you start building rapport with each other.  The smiles, ‘good mornings’ and connections with other members is a huge part of it.

What do you love most about the studio?

I love the way the studio is set out – it’s really welcoming.  You get a greeting every morning, the instructors always know our names, and it makes it so personal.  You’re not just another person walking in the door.

What are you passionate about?

I love my gardening and cooking, and looking after my family.  I have three kids, 24, 22 and 20 and I still fuss over them!

What is your favourite class at Inna Essence and why?

I really love my Wednesday morning class routine – I love Reformer followed by Barre.  I know what to expect and it’s a whole hour of continuous movement.

What are some ways that you look after your self-care and wellbeing?

I keep healthy by eating well and enjoying a glass of wine on occasion.

Words of advice for someone wanting to try Pilates?

Just try it; it keeps your body in-line and it’s just fun.  The time just flies by during a class!

Inna Spirit Member Sandra