Meet Scott, our Inna Spirit Member of the Month for July!  Scott joined our studio only three months ago, and we feel like he’s part of the furniture (in the best possible way!).  He’s already attended nearly 70 classes, challenging himself to completing two sessions each day, focused on improving his health and wellbeing for the first time in over 30 years!


What prompted you to join Inna Essence?  

“I was suffering from chronic back pain; my spine and joints were constantly sore and I had resigned myself to thinking this was normal.”

Scott would regularly visit his chiropractor, who gave him the recommendation that he needed to change his lifestyle and become more active.  Working full time in the building industry, managing sites, raising 5 children and 5 grandkids, Scott’s health was not a priority.

“I’ve never been into gyms; I didn’t want to build huge amounts of bulk, I just wanted to improve my flexibility and health.  I had heard about Pilates and its benefits, so that’s why I contacted Inna Essence”.

Within three weeks of starting Reformer Pilates sessions at the studio, Scott was getting ready for work one morning and realised something was different.  “There was no pain.  My back was constantly sore, but on this day, getting ready for work, I stopped and realised there was no pain in my back.”


What is it about Pilates that motivates you?  Why do you feel it’s an effective form of exercise?

“I feel that Pilates is really great for my mind – I feel so proud of myself.  Joining Inna Essence and committing to regular Pilates classes is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

Scott has devoted his life to his family, and it’s taken a toll on his health.  In the last few months, Scott has prioritised losing weight to improve functional movement; he’s teamed up Pilates with swimming, diet changes, and reducing alcohol and sugar. 

“My goal is to attend two classes every day, with Friday my rest day.”

Even though Scott has torn his hamstring, suffered a stint of COVID and hurt his ribs, he has remained accountable; still booking and attending classes, and modifying as his body healed.


What do you love most about the studio? What is your favourite class at Inna Essence and why?

Scott loves the Reformer, he feels it provides him with a challenging workout in a comfortable environment.  

“I get a stretch, I can put more springs on to make an exercise more challenging, and I can attend Intro Reformer classes and still feel challenged with heavier springs and faster reps.  I want to feel sore and worked out after my session, and know that I pushed my body to achieve something new.”

“Inna Essence feels like my second home.  Everyone’s so approachable – it’s a great atmosphere – even all the other clients are so friendly, kind and help me feel included.”


What changes have you felt in your mind and body since joining Inna Essence?

Scott says, “My body feels more flexible, and I’m living pain free.”


Inna Essence will be making a donation towards a charity of Scott’s choice to thank him for being such an incredible part of our studio community:  The Smith Family – https://www.thesmithfamily.com.au/donate

Scott - Inna Spirit Member for July