Meet June, the sweetest soul with the happiest and most positive attitude!  June joined Inna Essence with a strong dislike for exercise, however has fallen in love with the Reformer and the improvement see feels and sees with her posture.


When and why did you join Inna Essence?

I’ve never liked exercise before.  I don’t like super intense gym-like environments, and I don’t enjoy criticism or feeling judged.  I heard about Inna Essence through my work and when I spoke with Andrea and Anna, they both seemed so nice and passionate; so much so that I decided I wanted to give it a go.  

Once I started Pilates, I fell in love with it.  I can see and feel how beneficial exercise is, and the instructors at the studio really know what they are doing.  They know how to teach and care for each person in a knowledgeable way that doesn’t leave you behind, regardless of your experience level.


What do you love most about the studio?

The Pilates Teachers.  They really do care about each student, and that is so critical with Pilates.  The team know all names of everyone in their class, they know all their injuries, and each teacher cares individually about each person in their class.

The teachers at Inna Essence really set it apart and make the difference.


What is your favourite class at Inna Essence and why?

Reformer Pilates – I love it!  I find the Reformer classes so rewarding.  Before finding Inna Essence I really hated all forms of exercise, but I have found a real love of the Reformer.  As my confidence improves, I feel less anxious in class and I can feel I’m becoming more coordinated.


How have Duet Equipment Sessions impacted your classes?

I feel like the personalised time allows me to understand how to properly learn about the exercises I’m unsure of and build awareness around my own movement patterns.  The Duet Equipment Sessions have given me the time and space to improve and to feel the difference when I perform an exercise with correct form.

The Equipment Sessions have exposed me to using different Pilates equipment, and I love learning how to do Pilates exercises across different types of apparatus.  I can then see how those movements translate back to the Reformer which is so interesting.  Duets are such an amplified experience.


What changes have you felt in your mind and body since joining Inna Essence?

I feel the biggest change is that I’m more aware of my posture.  I can actually feel a noticeable difference in how I hold myself up.  I feel more confident, and I now have the knowledge of what muscles haven’t been working properly, or which muscles have been weak.  I can understand how changing the position of my pelvis, for example, translates to my posture, and that feels really empowering.


Words of advice for someone wanting to try Pilates & Yoga?

Inna Essence provides a safe environment, one where you will never feel judged or scared of criticism.  The teachers respect your level of experience, and you’ll never be left behind.  There is a true connection between the student and the teacher during every class.

Pilates is relaxing, and not intense like a gym!


Inna Essence will be making a donation towards a charity of June’s choice to thank her for being such an incredible part of our studio community:

Donating to Grateful Givers:  an organisation who provides goods directly to homeless people or shelters who home the needy throughout Brisbane and Logan.

Inna Spirit member of the month for March 2023 - June