Meet Judy – our Inna Spirit member of the month for March.  Focused on the needs of others, grounded in grace, respect and kindness, Judy lives and breathes every element we hold dear at Inna Essence.  Judy has only been a member since September last year, and goes above and beyond to help other visitors at the studio.  She looks after her mind and body with regular Pilates and Reformer classes, and she loves her grandkids and sharing time with her friends.

When and why did you join Inna Essence?

I joined in September 2021 .  I’ve always been interested in Pilates, but I’d never done it before.  My friend Donna said there was an intro workshop happening, and I thought “That sounds great”.  

The minute we entered the studio, I read the beautiful quote on the door about everyone being important and loved, and then we saw the mat saying ‘Yay, it’s you!”  

It smells divine and the colours are so pretty in the studio.  I thought, “This feels like home.”  I attended the beginner workshop and just loved the instructors and how I felt afterwards.

What do you love most about the studio?

I love EVERYTHING!  I love the ladies, everyone is so friendly, and they remember your name!  If we don’t know each other’s name, we introduce ourselves.  The studio is so warm and friendly, and the smell and colours and beautiful!

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my family, spending time with my grandkids; I’m passionate about my faith and my church.  I love spending time with friends and reading, and I really love helping people.  

What is your favourite class at Inna Essence and why?

All the classes I go to are my favourites!  If I had to pick one class… I love Andrea’s Mat Pilates class; sometimes she counts to 100 really fast!  I love the way Andrea is alert to things people need correction about.  I love how I always feel rejuvenated after class.  In her classes, you work hard but are always encouraged.

What are some ways that you look after your self-care and wellbeing?

I was an athlete in high school, so I’ve always been interested in keeping my body functioning well.  Getting older can be frustrating, so I watch what I eat; I love to enjoy something sweet every now and then, but I can really see the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise.  I keep my mind peaceful by not doing too much on the ipad and interacting face to face with people.

Words of advice for someone wanting to try Pilates?

Just do it!!! If an old woman like me can do it, anyone can!  Firstly, you should never think you’re too tired to go to class – you can go at your own pace, and the classes rejuvenate you.  You can exercise within your limits, and there are modifications for everything.

Inna Spirit Member Judy