Jin is a kind, quiet and gentle member of our studio community.  She found Inna Essence in late 2022, and her confidence and strength has grown so much.  Jin is a delightful part of each class, listening intently, always smiling and she never stops working hard to improve her form and technique.  Our entire team at the studio are so proud of her!  Jin is our Inna Spirit Member of the Month for October!  CONGRATULATIONS! 


What challenges or goals brought you to Inna Essence?

“Following COVID, I had been staying at home most of the day, and not doing much physical movement.  I’m over 50 years old, and I wanted to find a studio that offered something different, and helped to reduce stiffness in my body.”

Jin wasn’t accustomed to a daily exercise routine, and hadn’t been involved in sport growing up.  We helped support her to find a new routine, and select classes she really enjoyed and found benefit from.  Jin progressively found her strength, posture and flexibility improve.

What is it about Pilates that motivates you?   How have our classes and services been helping you on your wellness journey?

“I try to attend classes at least five times every week.  I find the teachers at Inna Essence are amazingly kind and so helpful.  They teach with wisdom and sincerity, and I appreciate and admire them so much!”

What do you love most about the studio? 

Jin loves stretching her body and lengthening her muscles during our Reformer classes.  

“Reformer is amazing, and I find Mat Pilates is so effective for improving my balance.”


What was one unexpected benefit?

“My understanding of English has improved so much!”

Jin Bae - October Inna Spirit member of the month