Meet Karen, a member with Inna Essence for over 2 years, who adores skiing and horse riding.  Karen joined our studio in search of inspiring and challenging Barre classes.  Not only did she find that, but she fell in love with Reformer and developed friendships with other members of the studio.  It has become a place where she is motivated to build strength and connect with lovely people.


What challenges or goals brought you to Inna Essence?

From a young adult, Karen has always been a member of a gym of some type, but she struggled with maintaining motivation in a gym environment.  She felt when she was at the weight bench lifting on her own, without a trainer, that she wasn’t effectively exercising.

“I wanted to do more Barre classes; I used to do Barre classes with Anna, so I sought her out!  Barre is so strengthening for the legs, and I really wanted to attend Barre classes regularly with that lower body focus.”

Karen enjoys how the Pilates Method involves the entire body; the system of movement doesn’t neglect any area in favour of another.  “When I was in the gym, you’d sometimes slip into working mindlessly on one muscle group, and there would be no one there to check your form.”

Lifting weights in a gym didn’t feel like a real life activity to Karen – she feels that Pilates prepares you for real life, and strengthens your body for day to day activities.  

Two great passions for Karen include skiing and horse riding, and she says, “Every time I quiver in Marjorie’s Barre class, I’m thinking ‘This will be great for the mountain!’”


What is it about Pilates and Yoga that motivates you? How have our classes and services been helping you on your wellness journey?

“Pilates and Yoga classes at Inna Essence gives me such a high – especially Liam’s and Karen’s Yoga classes and Marjorie’s Barre classes.  I can see improvement in Yoga exercises, as these instructors in particular slowly build upon an exercise over weeks and months.  I’m able to measure my progress which feels so rewarding and motivating!” 

Karen enjoys the routine and consistency of foundational Yoga and Pilates movements; giving her the opportunity to Improve and refine her movements and notice her progress.  

“These classes have made me aware of how much stronger and flexible I’ve become, and my mental health is greatly improved.  Pilates has helped immensely with my horse riding – I’m amazing how tired others get with back to back riding lessons.  Some riders (many 20 years younger than me) get off after one lesson, but I’ve now got the endurance to do longer riding lessons.”

Karen is a sonographer, and she’s noticed how classes at Inna Essence have significantly improved her core and shoulder strength.  “We need to sit with our arm to the side for long stretches of time; the physical demands of my job as a sonographer and felt easier as I’ve continued with Yoga and Pilates classes.”


What do you love most about the studio? What is your favourite class?

My most favourite aspect of the studio is the atmosphere – it’s so inclusive and welcoming.

Marjorie’s Barre classes are my favourite – my legs are left feeling like jelly every time!


What was one unexpected benefit?

“I think meeting nice people!  I didn’t join the studio to meet people; my focus was to attend Barre classes.  It was such an unexpected, yet welcomed benefit!  I joined Inna Essence thinking I would come in and get out straight after class, but I can’t help but chat with the other members!”

Karen G - member of the month