Meet Felicity, a young, exceptional single-mother to her 2 year old daughter Tallulah.  Felicity has displayed incredible dedication to her personal wellbeing, juggling work as a Paralegal, studying a Law Degree part-time, and caring for her daughter.  Felicity has made her mental and physical health a priority, showing her little girl that even when mummy is busy working and running a household, she can find time to move and strengthen her body at Inna Essence.  Congratulations on being selected as our Inna Spirit Member of the Month for May!


What challenges or goals brought you to Inna Essence?

Felicity shares; “I think after having a baby, you emerge back into the steady pace of life and your body just isn’t the same.  The first 12 months I was completely focused on caring for my baby Tallulah.”

Our incredible studio member Felicity graciously opened up about this time with her tiny little girl.  Having just given birth to her first child, and already facing those challenges and adjustments, her partner decided to leave their relationship.  Felicity and Tallulah, at that stage only 8 weeks old, were left alone.  Felicity suffered immensely from post-natal depression, and the monumental task of reshaping her life as a single parent.

“I really wanted to do something for me, and to feel like myself again.  I used to walk 40 minutes a day prior to having Tallulah, but then I just couldn’t do it with my little toddler.”

Felicity has met a caring, new partner, and they have blended their families to provide each other with love and support.  Felicity had done a little bit of Yoga and Pilates before, but had never pursued it on a regular basis.  She found Inna Essence, and has been attending classes at least three days each week.


What is it about Pilates and Yoga that motivates you? How have our classes and services been helping you on your wellness journey?

“Pilates was relatively new to me when I started at Inna Essence.  I liked it, but wasn’t attending anywhere regularly.  When I started classes at Inna Essence, it was the studio itself which led me to fall in love with this type of exercise.  The Intro Reformer classes helped me understand everything; where to focus during each exercise and how to use the Reformer safely and effectively.  It was because of amazing instructors like Emma and Anna, who helped me settle into the studio and find passion for exercise.”

Felicity has been prioritising her Dance Barre and Reformer classes with Inna Essence, in order to improve her cardio-vascular health, and her overall strength and muscle tone.  

“On Saturdays, the Pilates Instructor Linda is fantastic!  She runs a Child Friendly Mat Pilates class, where my daughter is welcomed and everyone attending is so supportive.  I feel good about bringing her in, and that I’m not disturbing the class.  Linda and the other members are so kind and encouraging; this child-friendly class is such an incredible opportunity for me to exercise with Tallulah.  Otherwise, I’d just be at home and not doing anything for myself.”

When asked what Felicity think of our instructors and teachers, “I don’t like not one of them – they are all fantastic!”


What do you love most about the studio? What is your favorite class?

Felicity loves the variety of classes, and that she has so many class times to select from.  She can work her session bookings around her work as a paralegal, her university studies, and her daughter.  We asked her which classes are her favourite, “Emma’s Dance Barre is a huge highlight!  Emma is so encouraging.  Also, Mat Pilates with Linda is amazing too.  All of the instructors really know their stuff, and you can see how confidently they can accommodate everyone with different fitness and experience levels in the one class.”

Felicity goes on to say, “You are known by name, and the community is amazing.”

“I have the most fun in Dance Barre.  And my concentration is challenged in Reformer.”


What was one unexpected benefit of joining Inna Essence?

Our member of the month is surprised at how quickly and significantly her strength has improved.  “I didn’t realise that within such a short time, I’d feel stronger and that I’d notice so much definition in my body.  I thought it would take longer, certainly not within a year!  I feel good, and I can now sleep on my side without my back aching.”

Felicity Inna Spirit member of the month