Meet Linda – a member of Inna Essence from the moment it opened its doors in 2019, and recently attended her 1000th class!  Linda is the embodiment of patience and persistence; finding the classes and community at Inna Essence have helped her improve her mental health and confidence, as well as physically rebuild her strength following major shoulder surgery.  


What challenges or goals brought you to Inna Essence?

Linda has been a poster-child of movement diversity; regularly attending a blend of Yoga, Reformer and Mat Pilates classes over the past 4.5 years.  She has been able to attend her favourite sessions and focus on challenging her mind and body with a number of sessions each week; all whilst managing work and family commitments.

More recently, Linda had major surgery on her shoulder:  In July 2023 she went through a rotator cuff repair, and was incredibly diligent with her prehab whilst she waited for her surgery date.  Inna Essence encouraged Linda through many weeks of rest with messages and check-in phone calls, and then once her shoulder had healed, Linda recommenced visiting the studio; starting off with Private Pilates sessions to not only ascertain her range of movement and build her confidence, but for studio owners Anna and Andrea to work personally with her to develop a plan for her exercises and modifications once she moved back into group classes.

“At Inna Essence, I utilized one-on-one sessions to gain professional guidance and options for exercises from the owners.  They were also able to provide me with advice on the best classes to attend which would strengthen my shoulder and help in my recovery.”

Over the following weeks, Linda carefully progressed through Stretch and Flow Reformer classes, Barre & Mat classes , and then into our mainstream Reformer sessions.  Thanks to our incredible team of Yoga Teachers and Pilates Instructors, we were able to confidently include Linda in all our classes, modifying where necessary, encouraging her, and supporting her as her body grew stronger.


What is it about Pilates and Yoga that motivates you? How have our classes and services been helping you on your wellness journey?

“I have been supported so very gently by Anna & Andrea and their Inna Essence community without them even knowing. I have evolved, gained friendships, and turned my life around.  From not being able to work or leave my home, riddled with anxiety and depression, I walk into the Inna Essence studio with ease and enjoyment.”

Linda feels that Inna Essence isn’t just a gym; it is a safe place that brings her joy almost every day!

Linda goes on to say, “Inna Essence is a local, home grown business where you really are important, respected, encouraged and loved.”

What do you love most about the studio?  What is your favourite class?

“The longevity of my membership is because of the flexibility and diversity of classes, the endless options of class times over 14 hours a day (from very early in the morning, through to the evening), knowledgeable and caring instructors and gentle, genuine human connection with the other members.”

Linda generously shares with us her diagnosis of MDD (Major Depression Disorder) and GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) in 2022.  She is a regular attendee of our Yoga classes, and feels this has been an intrinsic part of her healing journey and for the betterment of her mental health.

“The combination of yoga for the body and mind are all on offer at Inna Essence. Restorative and Yin Yoga are my go to classes to deeply relax both my body and mind.”  

Linda has also attended one of our annual Pilates & Yoga Retreats!  “Throw in one of the Inna Essence Retreats and I am in heaven!”

“My favourite class at Inna Essence depends on the chapter of my life. Over the past 5 years I have experienced all the classes available.  At this wonderful stage of my life, Nana-Life,  I can unequivocally tell you any Child Friendly classes are my fav!  

Being able to expose my grandbaby to exercise in such a clean, friendly, fun way without being exposed to our sometimes harsh weather elements is  a blessing. Seeing all the babies grow into toddlers and children in these classes is delightful. Knowing our future adults are being surrounded by amazing instructors and members while their  little nervous systems are being formed, in such a nurturing place, is a gift to us all. At the ripe age of 2, my grand-daughter walks into the yoga room stands on the yoga mat and does a “downward dog” 😊”

What was one unexpected benefit of joining Inna Essence?

“Inna Essence is the cheapest therapy I could ever imagine! Owners Andrea & Anna have created a safe, respectful and supportive studio space.  Not only exercise, Inna Essence also offers opportunities like Retreats and special events with a  holistic mindset to help our community. There is never any pressure; the team is always quietly in the background working away to create new experiences for all of the members. 

Andrea & Anna are the most approachable and caring humans.”

Linda Inna Spirit Member of the Month for March