Have you been scanning Facebook looking for an exercise option which will help you lose weight?


Have you caught yourself looking at the toned arms and narrow waistlines in those advertisements?


Have you felt the disappointment in yourself that you aren’t running 5kms every morning before breakfast?


Are you wanting to try Pilates or Yoga to lose weight?


We won’t help you lose weight…



Our job, our passion, our ultimate purpose is to provide a space for you to move, build strength and feel comfortable within your body.


The intention for you to feel at home moving and being within your body doesn’t necessarily come from losing weight.


At Inna Essence, it is our hope that we can shift the focus away from the scales.  Lets address what is making you feel uncomfortable in your body; beyond your weight.


What is it for you? Is it a demanding career, depression, ongoing injuries, children who rely on you, family who you caring for?




Sleep, hormone fluctuations, stress, fluid, menstrual and ovulation cycles all have a significant impact on our weight.  It is so important to look at each of these environmental factors, and how they could be impacting on your physical and emotional health.


When it comes to food, try and move the focus to nourishing your body, not punishing yourself.


Nourishment is always important away from the food you use the fuel your body; your routine and thought patterns can be used to nourish (or punish) yourself.


Your emotional state will sometimes affect your weight – if you feel safe, balanced and secure, that’s when your body will support you.


It is a popular belief that Reformer classes multiple times each week will result in the toned, slimed down body some of us feel we need to achieve.  We would like to invite you to re-evaluate your motivation for class, and see how this affects your mood, your feeling of safety, balance and overall wellbeing.




Try getting to bed earlier than usual and getting up to attend an early class.  See how your mindset feels for the rest of the day.


Give a different style of class a go; if you are looking for a sweaty/cardio inspired workout, have you tried a HIIT Pilates class or Barre class?  Does your body feel cramped, restricted and tight; a Yin Yoga class might be a beautiful, restful experience for you.


Our life and body goes through seasons, and we really need to try hard to embrace all the elements that make up who we are.


At our studio, we encourage everyone to move their bodies, connect, to take care of ourselves, to heal.


Let’s change the way we think about exercise; no more self-hatred about losing weight, trying to clock up as many classes as you can.


Let’s change our dialogue to love, healing, connection, movement, rest and embrace.




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