Osteopathy is manual therapy to treat whole systems of the body, to improve circulation and correct altered biomechanics, for optimum health and well-being. You may consult an Osteopath for a comprehensive assessment, targeted hands-on treatment & individualised management of a wide range of health conditions & musculoskeletal injuries including:

  • Low back pain & sciatica
  • Neck pain & tension
  • Headaches/ migraines & sinus congestion
  • Muscular strains & tendonitis
  • Joint ligament sprains
  • Sports injuries
  • TMJ/ jaw pain
  • Shoulder pain & bursitis
  • Elbow & wrist pain
  • Hip & knee pain, instability & bursitis
  • Ankle & foot pain & instability
  • Management of chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy related pain. Lymphatic congestion
  • Occupational strain/injuries

Our Osteopath, Melanie is dedicated to helping you restore balance, relieve pain & move freely. Melanie enjoys working with acute to chronic cases of all ages, providing integrated care with your GP and health providers.

Your treatment with Melanie includes a combination of safe and effective osteopathic and remedial massage techniques to free restricted joints, release tight muscles and fascia, to assist in managing pain and lymphatic congestion, address ergonomic and postural influences, and to help you recover from injury.

As a qualified Personal Trainer and AAPI Clinical Pilates enthusiast, Melanie encourages active involvement in recovery by educating you with practical lifestyle strategies, integrating rehabilitative and functional exercises that aim to reduce pain intensity and keep you moving.

Melanie is experienced & knowledgeable about all the Pilates, barre & yoga moves, positions & lingo, so if you have any aches or niggles during classes, any concerns or fears about joining or returning to classes, book now with Restore Balance for an assessment and practical advice to help you safely get back to doing what you love.


Written by Renee Cotey