In Yoga, the body, breath and mind are seen as a union of these multi-dimensional aspects of each and every human being. The system and various techniques of Yoga cultivate the experience of that union, leading to greater integration of being, internal peacefulness, and clarity of the mind. It is a system that is designed to cultivate health and happiness, and a greater sense of self-awareness and higher consciousness.

Yoga cultivates health and wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental and social) through the regular practice of a range of many different techniques, including postures and movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation.

Yoga is an approach to life that values appropriate effort, based on balance and harmony, within each person and with each other.  Credit: Yoga Australia


Restorative Yoga

Many of us are familiar with the terms of Yang and Yin, movement and stillness, stress and relaxation or even energy and lethargy. In this fast paced world where we continue to grow and develop ourselves, our careers, our relationships and our lives, we often spend most of our days in our Yang or stress state and very little taking the time to find space for Yin and relaxation.

Restorative Yoga is a long, slow and deep variation to complement your daily life and yoga practice. Guided through an hour of relaxation, using props to bring you into supported bliss where you de-stress and rejuvenate. This provides a deeper opening within the physical body and the opportunity to challenge your mind to find stillness through following, noticing and observing the shifting of energy within the body.

Yin Yoga

We specialise in Yin Yoga at Inna Essence. A Yin Yoga class stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the postures stretch and exercise the bone and joints. It also helps to regulate the body’s flow of energy.

A slow, long stretching class where you get a chance to quiet that noisy mind and release tight connective tissues safely. Great for flexibility, focus and improving breathing.

Morning Yin wakes up the body & removes excess connective tissue that builds in the stillness of the body over night. Moving the Chi energy through & removing blockages.

Evening Yin is about reversing the effects of the day on your body and preparing it for rest. Allows for your spirit to rest in your heart.

Rise & Shine Yoga

Rise & Shine Yoga is a moderately paced yoga class, incorporating breath awareness, asana (poses) for all levels and vinyasa flow. Lift the mind by starting the morning with sun salutations and mindful movement to help prepare yourself for the day.


Active Flow Yoga

Focusing on building strength, balance and flexibility, Active Flow Yoga is a dynamic flow of poses that keeps your practice varied and fun! Strong Flow Yoga is much more than just a physical workout: it creates energy, vitality and freedom for the body and mind.

This class is challenging and rewarding: with regular practice you will make rapid progress and we are certain you will begin to feel the benefits of yoga in all areas of your life.


Gentle Flow Yoga

A lovely all-rounder, great for all levels, especially if you’re wanting something gentler. A flowing practice with breath work, stretching, balancing and meditation.


Vin Yin Yoga

The best of 2 worlds!

Where we blend a little flow and then go slow, into restorative bliss. The yin and yang of yoga!

You will move for the first 30 minutes and then restore and relax for the last 30!

Breathe Strength

Breathe Strength is an integrated conscious connected breathwork which involves rounds of circular deep breathing into the belly to switch on the diaphragm muscle and chest with a series of breath-holds ending with a meditative coherent breath.






How long are the sessions?

Yoga classes run for 60 minutes.

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes absolutely.  Our Yoga Teachers have completed advanced yoga training.

What do I need to wear?

Something comfortable that you can move freely in is recommended. Leggings paired with a singlet or top.

What time can I book a session?

We have Yoga classes scheduled 7 days each week.  You can view our timetable for all the available sessions and book via our Inna Essence app.

How much does a class cost?

Casual Yoga classes start from $20 per session.  You can purchase a 10 Pack of classes or join our studio on a membership.  All pricing options can be viewed here.

Do you provide all the equipment?

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, we did supply all mats and props.  However, whilst we have our COVID-Safe plan in place, we request you bring your own mat, towel, and socks.


We would love to have a chat with you about how we can serve you.




The purpose of Inna Essence is to create a beautiful yoga and pilates studio in Underwood which provides a calming, grounded and loving energy. Our team focuses on authentic, genuine connections with all members, visitors, family and friends who walk through the doors.