We are so happy you are here! Hello from co-founders Anna and Andrea

Anna and Andrea are mums, business partners and best friends. They met in 2017 through a shared love of Pilates, and only a few months later, knew that they were soul sisters. Both Andrea and Anna had a dream of creating their own studio where Pilates, Yoga and wellness could come together; where all visitors feel like family.

In 2019 they co-founded Inna Essence, and started with just four reformers, establishing their business out of the function room at the Springwood Pumas AFL Clubhouse.

Their vision was to create a space where clients felt greatly cared for and would receive an experience that helped them to reconnect with their inner calm, to create a sense of peace and empower members to feel connected and healthier in their mind and body.

Emerging from the chaos of COVID lockdowns, these business partners knew that they had to take the next step and find a new physical location which they could custom-build and style; to truly reflect their vision. Their studio at 3245 Logan Road Underwood is their dream turned into a reality.

Every wall, window and piece of carpet was torn down and pulled up, and the Inna Essence studio was built, piece by piece. The studio space was designed by Andrea and Anna and drawn up by Andrea’s brother-in-law; the walls were painted by Anna’s dad, the veranda was gurnied by Andrea’s father-in-law; instructors came to clean windows and bring in plants.

This studio was built with love.

Andrea and Anna are STOTT Certified Mat Pilates and Reformer instructors; they answer the phone, respond to emails, teach classes, and live and breathe every aspect of their studio.

They have a team of ten incredible Pilates Instructors and Yoga Teachers, and two businesses who provide specialty services in their treatment rooms.

At Inna Essence, we encourage a blend of Pilates, Yoga and Barre – combining the strengthening, toning and precision of Pilates, with the cardio of Barre, with the quiet, calming, relaxing qualities of Yoga.

You are important, respected, encouraged and loved here; we cannot wait to meet you.

Andrea and Anna xo

Andrea and Anna are both STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructors and Total Barre® Qualified Instructors

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Total Barre

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It is our deepest desire that you feel greatly cared for and receive an experience that helps you reconnect with your inner calm, cultivates a sense of peace and empowers you to feel connected and healthier in mind and body.


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Inna Essence owners Andrea and Anna
Andrea & Anna from Inna Essence

This is us

We are Andrea & Anna.

Two mums.

Friends and partners.

We love our families.

Juggling family life with running a small business.

We have kindness and compassion.

Creating Inna Essence was a dream come true.

We have so much passion for what we do.

Our studio is a beautiful sanctuary.

We love our team of instructors.

They are like family.

We love our community of members.

They are like family.

Our passion is to provide and hold space for you.

We want you to look inwards but also connect with others.

Through community, friendship, acceptance, support and classes, we hope you connect with what makes you happy.

We are Inna Essence.