Private Pilates sessions are programmed specifically for you to meet your personal needs and goals.

Private sessions are ideal if you are transitioning from working with a Physiotherapist, if you have a niggle or a chronic condition.

Pilates focuses on the development of core strength, stability, posture and body awareness. It is low impact, with limited cardio and is suitable for nearly anyone including professional sports people, seniors, pre and post-natal and those undertaking physical rehabilitation as recommended by a doctor.

Inna Essence Private Sessions can also supplement regular Pilates group classes;  your instructor can aid in improving your Pilates technique and increase your confidence and knowledge during these one-on-one sessions.

We meet with you for a complimentary Postural Assessment first so that we can talk about your history, ascertain your goals, and develop a bespoke movement plan for you.

$90 for a 50 minute Private Session

$50 for a 30 minute Private Session

(discounted pack options available)

Private Sessions are a great option if you:

  • Have Pilates experience but would like to take your technique to the next level and be challenged with more advanced movements
  • Are new to Pilates and would like to develop knowledge of the fundamental principles of Pilates before joining a group class
  • Have not used a Pilates Reformer machine before and would like personalised assistance to understand and navigate this specialised piece of equipment
  • Are recovering from an injury and have been recommended to do Pilates
  • Are pregnant or post-natal and want to ensure you are modifying appropriately and exercises safely.

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