Anyone who has kids knows that getting out the door can feel like a military operation. Who hasn’t shouted “Get your shoes on. I’m leaving without you!”?


I came across some parenting advice that has helped turn around our family’s exit strategy. Just like us, our kids can feel overwhelmed and stressed getting out the door. There’s lots of thoughts and emotions bubbling away in their little minds.


“Does the shoe go on the right or the left foot?”

“These buttons are tricky to do up today!”

“Will my best friend play with me today?”

“I hope my teacher is impressed with my homework.”


Then there’s the clock ticking away adding extra pressure.


Our own stress of getting ready and out the door can often tumble out of us in the form of cranky negative words.


Inspired by the advice I received, I decided to turn around our routine using a child’s sense of imagination. One morning, with an enormous amount of enthusiasm I proclaimed a hungry crocodile was chasing us and we’d be safe in the car. The boys squealed with delight and moved with lightening speed!


I use the proclamation every time we need to get out the door fast. The boys adore it and love to add their little bit to the story. This morning as we enthusiastically ran through the house grabbing lunch-boxes, shoes and hats, we had a hungry crocodile, a bear and a swarm of wasps after us!


The little element of play and humour defuses everyone’s stress and starts our day on a lighter and more positive note.


Perhaps for older children you could tell them their iPad will self-combust in three minutes unless it’s within the car?


How can you defuse the stress in your morning routine by using some fun and humour?


Melinda Barre Instructor at Inna Essence

Written by Melinda.

Melinda is a mother of two young boys, and teaches barre at Inna Essence