Christina is one of the most welcoming and positive ladies you’ll ever meet!  She is a professional bra fit specialist, and such an incredible supporter of Inna Essence.  Always the first to offer prizes for raffles, participate in our events, and champion other members at our studio; meet Christina, our Inna Spirit Member for August!


What prompted you to join Inna Essence?  

Christina is an Intimo Lingerie specialist and first met Andrea and Anna at a fundraising event and Christmas Market at their previous studio.  She was participating in Yoga classes and it was recommended to her to also look for other Yoga teachers and try different styles.

Christina began a search for Yoga around her area, and also thought she should try Pilates as she had heard that these types of sessions would use different muscles and improve strength.

She did some Googling and found Inna Essence; Christina is focused on variety and cross-modalities when it comes to her fitness.  She enjoys challenging and relaxing styles of Yoga, she loves the repertoire of Mat Pilates and the booty-burn and laughter of Barre classes.


What is it about Yoga & Pilates that motivates you?  Why do you feel it’s an effective form of exercise?

“Yoga is like a massage for your soul, particularly Mari-Anne’s classes!  I’ve always loved Yoga, and I find some of the 6am Rise n Shine Yoga classes are really challenging!”

Christina loves that Yoga and Pilates is an effective, non-strenuous form of exercise which does wonders for the body and mind.  You don’t need to work yourself up into a sweat, or feel completely exhausted to notice improvement in strength and flexibility.


What do you love most about the studio? What is your favourite class at Inna Essence and why?

“Inna Essence has a wonderful ambience, all the teachers and members are very inclusive.  I was in a class recently where it was someone’s first lesson, and someone’s 1000’th lesson – so great!”

Christina cannot choose a favourite class, because she attends them all for different reasons!

~ Blissful and relaxing with Mari-Anne

~ If I do the challenging Tuesday 6am Yoga with Karen, I reward myself with a relaxing Thursday 6am Yoga with Marilyn!

~ Bubbly energy and a dose of cute kids in Renee’s classes


What changes have you felt in your mind and body since joining Inna Essence?

Christina says “I have obvious physical changes – I never had muscles in my arms before, but now I’ve got definition.  I’ve never been fitter than I am now.”


Inna Essence will be making a donation towards a charity of Christina’s choice to thank her for being such an incredible part of our studio community

Sheltered by Grace  https://www.sbg.org.au/  Transforming the lives of the Homeless.  A locally run charity based in Logan.

Inna Spirit member for August at Inna Essence