Meet Tracey; a member of Inna Essence for four years and has attended over 1000 classes!  She’s into her 60’s and loves Active Flow Yoga, Barre and Reformer.  She feels stronger now than when she was in her 20’s, and her mind and body feels calm, peaceful and strong.  Meet Tracey, our Inna Spirit Member for April!


What prompted you to join Inna Essence?  Why is Pilates and Yoga your chosen form of exercise?

I was looking for something that wasn’t a gym, but a place with more of a mind-body connection.  I was looking for something holistic for my overall health.  Inna Essence offered Yoga classes, which is where I started and then I branched out to the other classes. I found out quickly that they all complemented one other perfectly.

Yoga is very calming and peaceful, and gives my nervous system a break.  Regular Yoga has created a level of calmness and strength in my mind and body which I haven’t felt for many years.  I have challenged myself through postures to achieve length in my muscles and build strength.  

Once I felt comfortable with Yoga, then I transitioned into Pilates, which I find moves different muscles and creates a different level of strength.

Since coming for four years to Inna Essence, I’ve never felt stronger.

I feel like I’m 20 again, and I’ll be 64 this year!  I feel like I’ve rewound the clock and I feel like I did as a kid.  I’m strong enough to try new things and be open to many experiences; I’m not fearful of injuring myself and I feel capable and trusting of my body.


What do you love most about the studio?

I hear the word community a lot; and I hear new members say that they love the vibe and the community of the studio.  I totally agree.

I have made incredible friends within the studio community, and the type of people who visit and attend classes are all like-minded and so helpful and kind.  No-one comes in with an ego.  

Everyone is there to help themselves, challenge themselves, grow and strengthen themselves, and to do that within a supportive environment.  The studio community is so comfortable, with all the members feeling safe enough that they can be comfortable in their own skin, and come to class just as they are.

What is your favourite class at Inna Essence and why?

  1. Iris’s Friday afternoon Gentle Flow – that class is probably the most unique, with Iris’s special teaching style.  It’s gentle yet challenging, and is a terrific way to wind-down the week.
  2. Pilates – I love Renee’s classes.  Her sessions are challenging and I really love her style of fun which she brings to the class.
  3. Reformer – I also really enjoy Amy’s classes.  She plays super soft country music in the background, and I always come out of her classes feeling really strong and well worked!


You’ve been on a number of Retreats with us – what’s been a highlight?

Meeting all the different members who attend the Retreats is such a highlight, and how we all let our hair down!  Each retreat has been really fun; not only do Andrea and Anna work their butts off to spoil us, but we also get to spend time with new people, and every Retreat seems to attract really unique attendees.

The retreat locations are fabulous, the gifts amazing, the food and drinks are really brilliant!  Oh my goodness, such a fantastic experience and a real treat!

What changes have you felt in your mind and body since joining Inna Essence?

Physically I feel stronger.

Mind-wise, I’m much calmer and I don’t fuss over anything any more.  My entire holistic mind-set has come together really well.

I’m calmer and stronger.


Inna Essence will be making a donation towards a charity of Tracey’s choice to thank her for being such an incredible part of our studio community:

Anything to do with animals – RSPCA would be lovely!

Tracey Inna Spirit member for April 2023