Why yoga and pilates?

Yoga and Pilates gives me a great balance in my training – mentally and physically. It’s unusual, but I first started Pilates doing Reformer classes and later branched our to mat classes – to improve my form. Doing a number of mat classes with reformer gives me the chance to constantly work on and improve my practice.

This is has been even better by doing some Yoga classes. Yoga grounds me and has given me a physical strength I hadn’t expected which has also improved my Pilates practice.

Inna Essence Yoga and Pilates Studio Underwood

How does Inna Essence make you feel?

I feel like I am part of something at Inna Essence.

I don’t feel like I am just another customer coming through the turnstiles; instead everyone knows your name, a little about you, and cares for you.

When I first started at Inna Essence I felt pretty good – mentally and physically – but in six short months – I feel stronger, more positive and confident;  and certainly more comfortable with who I am for me and for others; and that’s because the people here genuinely care for you.

If your best friend was on the fence about trying Inna Essence, what would you say to them?

1 hour a day should be for you – away from the bills, the children. the job – whatever it is that keeps you most occupied. 1 hour a day is an investment in your longevity.: time to get to class, a half hour to do the class – and time to get home … is time well spent on you. 

Find an hour at Inna Essence and you will find more than just time!