Corporate and Group Wellness Sessions

Corporate and Group Wellness Sessions


Our vision is to provide health and wellness options to local businesses in our area. We can provide a personalised corporate session to suit your business and team.

A session with Inna Essence can be focused on rest and relaxation through yoga; or strength, postural improvement and mind/body connection with pilates.  It can be any combination of movement and mindfulness, depending on the outcome you wish for your team.

We would love to have a chat with you about how we can serve your business and employees.



Yoga and Pilates workshops at Inna Essence studio Underwood


The purpose of Inna Essence is to create a beautiful yoga and pilates studio in Underwood which provides a calming, grounded and loving energy. Our team focuses on authentic, genuine connections with all members, visitors, family and friends who walk through the doors.
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