We recognise that each and every one of us are special and unique, and depending on our stage in life, we each require different fitness and health options to best nurture and support us. No matter your age, whether you are an 11-year-old teenager at high school, or 75 years young and enjoying retirement, here at Inna Essence Pilates and Yoga Studio, we have the ability to look after you.  We offer a specialised, wholistic, caring experience to cater for a range of women’s health issues, no matter what chapter of your life you find yourself in.

So how do we do this? Well, we did mention teenagers above, but we start taking care of our clients right from birth! As busy working mothers themselves, Anna and Andrea, the co-owners of Inna Essence appreciate that it can be very difficult for new mums to find a gym where they can bring their baby along to exercise. At Inna Essence, babies and toddlers are more than welcome at our Child Friendly classes. We currently have four Child Friendly classes on our timetable each week and mums (or dads, grandmothers and carers), are more than welcome to bring their little ones along.

Between them, Anna and Andrea have five children, and given the industry they work in, understand the importance of fitness and mental health awareness for children. During school holidays, we offer a range of Children’s Mindfulness Workshops as well as specially curated children’s Pilates and Yoga classes, programmed specifically for primary school aged children where fun is at the forefront. Not only are these classes amazing for getting the kids moving and engaged, they also give mums and dads an opportunity to have a break, if only for an hour!

Recently, we have added Teen and Dancer Reformer Pilates classes to our timetable. Our highly trained instructors have identified that some teenagers lack stability and control of their bodies, with their mind-body connection not yet fully developed. By including these classes on our timetable, our instructors are able to provide teens with the structured exercise to help them grow strong, healthy, balanced bodies, incorporating enhanced postural and body awareness, to create greater confidence within themselves.

For the younger women in our community, we have an extensive range of high energy classes on our timetable, including Jumpboard Reformer, Boxilates, HIIT Pilates, Barre and Dance Barre classes. These classes not only help to build cardio health, endurance and stamina, but also help to create elongated, toned muscle without adding bulk; plus they’re heaps of fun!

As previously mentioned, new mothers and mums-to-be, are always welcome at our studio. Our Pilates instructors and Yoga teachers are trained to programme pre and post-natal sessions, and are able to modify exercises to best take care of you during this time of physical and mental change. Undertaking regular exercise throughout your pregnancy not only helps you to maintain your physical strength, but also assists in promoting calmness and positive mental health.  Post-partum Pilates and Yoga is a great way to safely and gently return to exercise after you have had your little one, keeping you and your baby happy and healthy as you move through this new and exciting chapter of your life.

For those ladies among us who have had children or work full time, what can we do to help you? We completely understand that when you are balancing work, family, home and everything in between, it can be very hard to carve out the time for your own health and self-care. Mummy guilt anyone? It has become a realisation for many of us, particularly over the past two years, that it is no longer selfish to indulge in self-care; it has become a necessity to maintain our physical health and mental equilibrium. That is why we offer in-studio classes 7 days each week, with over 50 Pilates and Yoga sessions on offer, all at different times of the day, whether it be early morning, mid-morning, afternoon or evening. With this amazing and varied timetable offering, we hope to be able to provide a range of classes at accessible times for even the busiest of women.

For women transitioning into their golden years, the physiological and psychological benefits of weightbearing exercise such as Pilates and Yoga are considerable.  Classes at Inna Essence are programmed with functional movement in mind, especially to improve balance and coordination.  Regular weightbearing and strengthening exercises have been shown to have a positive impact on bone density, especially as we age.  Cardiovascular exercise, where your heart rate is elevated for a period of time, assists with overall wellbeing and heart health.  Gentle movement such as Restorative Yoga gives you the space to reconnect with your healing breath, and to quiet a busy mind.  Our timetable gives you the flexibility and opportunity to change your style of exercise depending on how you are feeling on any given day or week.

At Inna Essence, our onsite treatment partners can provide you with additional osteopathic and massage support to compliment our Pilates and Yoga classes. We are privileged to have Dr. Melanie Shubert, owner and Osteopath at Restore Balance, and Jasmine Amie from Embodied Remedial, a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist with advanced clinical education in Myofascial Dry Needling, offering appointments to members and the community.

We are also honoured to have Lauren and Alex, both Senior Psychotherapists and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers from Allora Wellbeing, offering appointments.  Both Lauren and Alex have the capacity to look after children, adolescents and adults and specialise in a range of different therapeutic areas.  They will also host semi-regular mental health workshops for children and adults.

Through conversations and connections with women in our community, a number of ladies have expressed that they have a personal expectation of themselves that exercise must be flat out and intense to be effective. At Inna Essence, we want you to give yourself permission to listen to your body and to be gentler and kinder to yourself. To let go of expectations of what you think you should be doing versus what actually feels good for you. We want to help you see that it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel within yourself, and that finding a form of exercise where you have more energy, are more focused and sleep better, versus losing a centimetre or two, is far more sustainable and beneficial for you and your physical and mental health in the long term. At Inna Essence, no matter what chapter of your life you find yourself in, we can take care of you for life.

Written by Renee Cotey