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We are with you for life

We recognise that each and every one of us are special and unique, and depending on our stage in life, we each require different fitness and health options to best nurture and support us. No matter your age, whether you are an 11-year-old teenager at high school, or 75 years young and enjoying retirement, here […]

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Self-Care is no longer Selfish

  If the past two years has taught us anything, it is that our mental health and wellbeing is just as important as our physical health. After the stress and uncertainty that the COVID pandemic has brought, nurturing ourselves and taking the time to take care of ourselves is more important than ever when negotiating […]

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Summer Hamptons Retreat February 2022

Our inaugural Summer Retreat in February 2022 was so wonderful. Anna, Andrea and six beautiful attendees settled into a gorgeous Hamptons-style home in the Gold Coast Hinterland for three relaxing evenings. Marilyn, our Yogi from Inna Essence facilitated a two hour Chakra and Sound Bowl Immersion in the stunning formal lounge room. Jasmine from Embodied […]

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Meet our Community

  “I feel very confident that I’m being looked after.” Linda     “It’s important that as I get older, that I keep mobile.” Ralph         “All the women are beautiful and it’s not intimidating.” Brooke  

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Inna Essence Candlelight Yin yoga

Candle-Light YinStorative Yoga w/ LIVE Harp & Flute

Join us for a special night of YinStorative Yoga by candelight to the soundtrack of live harp and flute   Tuesday 18th August from 7pm to 8.30pm $50 per person BOOK NOW   When we look after ourselves, we are better able to serve those who need us. Treat yourself and let us serve you as […]

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Home fitness with Inna Essence

One is better than none

“One is better than none”. It’s a little motto I chant to myself to give me a little encouragement to get moving.  It means doing one small exercise is better than none at all. One small amount of exercise is one step forward to staying happy and healthy.   I started repeating the phrase to […]

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Inna Essence Pilates and Yoga studio

Supporting Healthy Sleep Cycles

  So many people I speak with are struggling with a sleep disorder which impacts their day to day functioning.   Insomnia affects up to 30% of the population and is defined as a chronic or acute sleep disorder characterized by a complaint of difficulty initiating, and/or maintaining sleep, as well as a subjective complaint of […]

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Introducing Pirita to our Team

After practising yoga for nearly 10 years, Pirita completed a 350 hour yoga teacher training in 2019 and started sharing her practice with others straight away. Since then, she has been teaching Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa yoga as well as meditation.       My classes are all about exploring the balance of yin and yang […]

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Staff Spotlight with Mari-Anne

“Yoga is a lifestyle, not only what you do on your mat, but how you approach everything in life! Being authentic to yourself and to others.” Mari-Anne has had a full life and career before she chose to study yoga in order to enhance her own practice. She then chose to share her passion for […]

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