Total Barre at Inna Essence

Total Barre™ Foundation Course

Have you ever wanted to become a fitness instructor?   Inna Essence is proud to be hosting Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke from DC Movement Lab who is an internationally certified Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer.   Learn choreography, exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movement, as well as how to effectively utilise the power of music to create […]

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Inna Essence Online Classes

Breath Workshop – February 2020

Most of us aren’t aware of how we breathe!   Yet it affects virtually EVERY part of our body.   Whether you ‘do’ yoga or are a devout pilates participant, come along to find out how you breathe, how to improve it and a few techniques to harness this amazing tool, to use at any […]

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Balance Your Life Workshop

Do you feel like you need more balance in your life?  This light-hearted workshop will dive into uncovering where we are out of balance in our lives and looks at a few simple principles to re-establish balance (without adding overwhelm). Facilitated by our Inna Essence co-founder Kimberley, we will cover a few principles of Ayurveda (an ancient […]

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Principles of Pilates Workshop

Whether you are completely new to pilates, or have been practising for a number of years, immersing yourself in the basic principles of pilates will bring a new dimension to your classes. The Five Basic Principles covered in the Principles of Pilates Workshop at Inna Essence incorporate modern theories of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation […]

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Brisbane Yoga Studio

6 Week Yoga Beginners Course

This course is for you if you’ve always wanted to ‘do’ yoga but don’t want to walk into a class because you feel you don’t know what you’re doing, or think you’re not flexible enough! This six week course is $115 and also includes one Yoga class per week with us in the studio. Commencing […]

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Brisbane Pilates Studio

6 Week Pilates Beginners Course

Have you ever wanted to do Pilates, but have felt too intimidated or unsure how to? This six week course is $115 and also includes one Mat Pilates class per week with us in the studio. Our next Beginners Course dates will be announced soon. This course at Inna Essence is the very thing to […]

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